As a part of our much awaited knowledge sharing campaign we have designed a series of  workshops  which gives an insight into the world of herbal and Ayurvedic process of dyeing using medicinally rich herbs . We teach the application of dyes across all organic and natural textiles (wool, silk, cottons), wood, wall-paints, canvass painting, ceramics, leather etc and any other product you can imagine dyeing from herbal colours.  

Through  the workshops you will be enlightened by exploring different techniques of application from  herbal dyes on textiles though various indigenous techniques of  block and  screen  printing, plain dyeing, batik printing, tie-dye, yarn dyeing  etc

Participant’s profile: Students, designers, crafts person, artisan, sculptors, natural healers or simply a person who is fascinated with the colors of nature are the right candidate for this workshop



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