Truetone's Fabric collection offers a wide range of GOTS certified Organic and Natural Dyed Fabrics, which will give you a chance to imbibe the beauty and goodness of nature. We manufacture the best quality organic fabric dyed & printed with medicinally rich herbs and minerals.
We are happy to share with you some of the beautiful fabrics we have developed. It will show you the limitless collection ever developed using Herbal Dyes. You can witness a variety of Hand Printed (Eco-Printed), Yarn Dyed, Screen/Block Printed, Batik, Khadi, Plain Dyed and Tie-Dyed designs and various chemical free fabrics never seen before. 

You may like some pattern and would like to change the colours, we may be able to do that too. You may want to use the pattern on a fabric of your choice, well that may be possible too. 
Please connect with us on truetoneinquiry@gmail.com or SEND INQUIRY and we shall be happy to help.
Check out the range and varieties of Fabrics by clicking on the categories mentioned here :
                         ALL                                                        PLAIN                                                ECO-PRINTED                                               BATIK                               
                         BLOCK PRINT                                        TIE-DYE                                                    KHADI                                                 YARN DYED
                        KNITTED                                          SWATCH SETS                                            PRINTED