As a part of our much awaited knowledge sharing campaign we have designed a series of workshops which gives an insight into the world of herbal and Ayurvedic process of dyeing using medicinally rich herbs . We teach the application of dyes across all organic and natural textiles (wool, silk, cottons), wood, wall-paints, canvass painting, leather etc and any other product you can imagine dyeing from herbal colours.

Through the workshops you will be enlightened by exploring different techniques of application from herbal dyes on textiles though various indigenous techniques of block and screen printing, plain dyeing, batik printing, tie-dye, yarn dyeing etc


Participant’s profile: Students, designers, crafts person, artisan, sculptors, natural healers or simply a person who is fascinated with the colors of nature are the right candidate for this workshop.

 The Rookie program : Half Day Workshop

Price : 25$ Per person , 1500 Rupees per person


  • Minimum number of participants - 5+
  • Age Group - No bar
  • This workshop is Pre-Booked

 What you get to learn:

  • All about the harmful effects of the textile industry (presentation based learning).
  • How True Tone does, what it does and why.
  • Dyeing techniques through a demonstration.

 What you get to do:

  • A chance to get friendly with herbal dyes, we wouldn’t want to let you go without staining your hands! Bring your own fabrics to dye on or purchase our organic ones at the premises.
  • Spend time with professionals for a Question & Answer session over a coffee break.

What we provide for you:

  • Pickup and drop assistance only if required (book the cab, etc)
  • Herbal Dyes that we have developed to make your experience simplified and fun.
  • Endless coffee supply.
  • Discount Coupons for your first purchase at True Tone (10% on any merchandise)!


The Novice program : One Day Workshop

Price : 50$ Per person, 2500 Rupees per person


  • Minimum number of participants - 3+
  • Age Group - No bar
  • This workshop is Pre-Booked

The novice program is an elongated version of the Rookie program. You will do everything that a Rookie does in addition to the following activities:

  • You get a special tour of the factory so you can see the dyes in action. Ours is the largest natural dyeing factory in the world, so that will be fun.
  • You will attend a printing demonstration and practice session. You will learn the basics of screen printing, block printing, wax printing, hand painting, etc.
  • We will provide you with a blank scarf so that you may get hands on experience with our colours on our fabric.
  • You will experience how dyes may be used on various ways such as on canvass, wood, wall paint, and even as Holi colours.
  • You will have an Indian lunch at the cafe, in the midst of our organic gardens. 


Customised Workshop

All situations and individuals requirements are not similar so we also propose customised workshops for one and all depending on their specific requirements of skills interested in.These workshops may workout for 1-5 days depending on the specific skill requirements by group or an individual. We also offer workshop at outstations as per your requirements with special charges.


For Registration:

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