Herbal Printing Paste
Herbal Printing Paste
Herbal Printing Paste
Herbal Printing Paste

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Herbal Printing Paste

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Truetone presents toxic & chemical free textiles. The time for low impact is gone it’s time for Positive impact. Do join us in the journey of 100 % natural & organic textiles bringing back the world of chemical free colours known to humankind since ages. With 11 years of working exclusively with herbal – natural colours, Truetone brings its latest ingredient centric collection to you.

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  • Block Printing
  • Screen Printing

Process of application:

  1. Stir the paste properly in the container before use.
  2. (If Block Printing/Hand Printing) Pour the appropriate amount of paste on a printing pad so that the right amount of colour is spread on the top layer of padding which can then be stamped/painted by any block printer or painter, (Or if Screen Printing) use the paste directly on the screen and let the printed area dry like any other process in screen printing.  
  3. Once the printing is done let the prints be cured (fixed) by drying it naturally for 24-48 hours (preferably in shade).
  4. Wash it thoroughly in running water so that no colour can bleed on plain surface.
  5. Wash it with neutral soap and let it dry in shade.

Precautions required:

  1. Keep storage in shaded and cool place for more life.
  2. When used keep the lid air tight to avoid decomposition of paste.
  3. If you require to make the paste thinner you may add water if thicker then neutral gum. 

Wash Care:

  • Hand wash separately
  • or machine wash in gentle cycle
  • Wash at room temperature
  • Do not bleach or scrub
  • Use mild detergents only
  • Dark colors may bleed
  • Dry on a hanger in shade
  • Iron warm on reverse
  • Avoid all contact with citric content substances