Herbal CPD Dye Powder
Herbal CPD Dye Powder
Herbal CPD Dye Powder
Herbal CPD Dye Powder
Herbal CPD Dye Powder

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Herbal CPD Dye Powder

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Yarn / Fabric Hand Dyeing Process from CPD
Product profile :
Appearance :Powder CPD Dyes
Solubility in Water : Partial Soluble in Cold water
pH : Acidic
Odor : Slight odour.
Storage Stability : Stable at normal conditions for
more than six months

Process - 1
Dyeing process: -
Yarn to liquor ratio:- 1:10, lesser or more is fine but dyes to be adjusted
Take the Yarn and water (depend on your Machine capacity) and about
0.5% -1% of wetting agent to the water and prewet the fibres for 10-15
Now Add Dyes
Take 10 (w.o.f . )% dye depending on Yarn’s weight for standard shade
Keep M: L:R 1:10. Stir continuously
Filter the solution with 160 mesh nylon fabric.
(Atleast 2 – 3 times filter)
Slowly start introducing the filtered dyes to the machine with slow dosing
Once the dosing is completed do cold water dying for 10 mins.
Gradually increase the temperature to 65* to 70*C and
do hot dying for 20-30mins.
Drain the dye bath and do cold washing with running water for 5 - 10
Take fresh water along with 2 gpl of neutral soap + 0.1 gpl of soda ash
and do cold washing for 05 -10 mins
Then gradually increase the temperature to 75*C – 80*C and then do the
hot washing for another 20-30 mins. This also helps dyes to be cured and
bring out the original colours
do cold washing for 05 -10 mins
IF required Organic Softener 1- 2 GPL and Acetic Acid (99.85%) 1 GPL
Required PH 5-6
Followed by rinse and then Dry