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Herbal Dyeing Powder
Herbal Dyeing Powder
Herbal Dyeing Powder
Herbal Dyeing Powder
Herbal Dyeing Powder
Herbal Dyeing Powder
Herbal Dyeing Powder
Herbal Dyeing Powder
Herbal Dyeing Powder
Herbal Dyeing Powder
Herbal Dyeing Powder

Truetone Ink

Herbal Dyeing Powder

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Truetone presents non-toxic & chemical free textiles. The time for low impact is gone it’s time for Positive Impact now. Do join us in the journey of 100 % natural & Organic textiles bringing back the world of chemical free colours known to humankind since ages. With 11 years of working exclusively with Herbal – Natural Colours, we bring you the latest ingredient centric collection of Herbal Colours.


  • Fabric
  • Yarn 

Process of application:

  1. Fill a bucket with water (5-10 litres are sufficient to dye 2 meters of cloth depending on the weight and quality of the fabric).
  2. Weigh the water (for example: 1 litre = 1 kg) and add 10% of dye according to the weight of the water (for example: 100 gm of dye for every 1 litre of water). 
  3. Let the dye dissolve into the water for at least two hours. Stir the dye bath occasionally.
  4. Filter the dye bath using a filtering cloth, or any other porous cloth.
  5. Then wet pre-washed or most preferably the "Ready For Dye" (RFD) fabric with water. Squeeze the cloth in order to remove excess water from it. Note that desired results may not come if you don't use the RFD cloth.
  6. Dip the moist RFD cloth into the dye bath. Dip the cloth in and out of the dye bath, occasionally turning it upside down and sideways in order to evenly dye all sides.
  7. Squeeze the dye cloth tightly before drying it under shade.
  8. Then dip the cloth in plain water after keeping it for 30 minutes to remove execs dye particles (if visible on the cloth).
  9. Let it dry for 24 hours so that the colour develops naturally to its best strength.
  10. Wash the dyed cloth properly with mild soap in warm water (50-60*C) and let it dry in shade.
  11. Once dried, use it as you please, no instructions for that :)          

Wash Care:

  • Hand wash separately
  • Or machine wash in gentle cycle
  • Wash at room temperature
  • Do not bleach or scrub
  • Use mild detergents only
  • Dark colors may bleed
  • Dry on a hanger in shade
  • Iron warm on reverse
  • Avoid all contact with citric content substances