Herbal Holi Colours
Herbal Holi Colours
Herbal Holi Colours

Truetone Ink

Herbal Holi Colours

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Our skin is the largest, most absorptive organ of your body. What you put on the outside, ends up inside. Hence we promote the use of Herbal HOLI Colours that are skin friendly, non carcinogenic, come off easily and also help save our environment and conserve our biodiversity as it causes no harm to the myriad life forms that live in the soil and water.
On the other hand, HOLI Colors sold in the market are oxidised metals or industrial dyes mixed with engine oil known to cause skin irritations, allergic reactions, asthma and bronchitis.

Herbal HOLI Colours are derived from the spring blossoming plants and trees:

  • Red colour is from the roots of madder tree
  • Green colour is derived from indigo, myraballam, starch and talc
  • Violet colour comes from madder, ash, gum and talc
  • Yellow colour comes from harda, gum and talc.
  • Blue colour comes from the leaves of indigo 

These herbal colours have been prepared by Truetone Ink that is a GOTS certified ORGANIC & HERBAL Textile Manufacturer using an innovative patented process of blending nature into COLOURS without using any chemicals.

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  • Red (80 gm)
  • Green (80 gm)
  • Blue (80 gm)
  • Yellow (80 gm)
  • Violet (80 gm)  

Age group:

  • For all age groups

Weight of the kit:

  • 450 gm

Use these colours as they are or mix them with water