Herbal Painting Paste
Herbal Painting Paste
Herbal Painting Paste
Herbal Painting Paste
Herbal Painting Paste
Herbal Painting Paste

Truetone Ink

Herbal Painting Paste

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The time for low impact is gone it’s time for Positive impact. Do join us in the journey of 100 % natural & organic paints bringing back the world of chemical free colours known to human kind since ages. With 11 years of working exclusively with herbal – natural colours, Truetone brings its latest ingredient centric collection to you.

This is a complete herbal painting paste makes it easy to start exploring the exciting art for painting because it comes with everything a beginner artist needs. With herbal painting paste a colour will always look more intense (stronger and darker) when it is wet. A colour will always look lighter and paler when dry. If your painting looks dull, make the colour more intense by using more paint and less water, or painting another layer of colour over the first.

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  • Canvas 
  • Wood surfaces 
  • Wall
  • Paper

Process of application:

  1. We have provided this natural painting paste that one can mix it with water and use it as a colouring paste.
  2. The paste can be applied on multiple surfaces like wood, canvas, wall and paper.  
  3. If the paste is thin then you can add water to make it thin.
  4. If the paste is thick then you can add natural gum to make it thick as per requirement.
  5. Pin the canvas properly on the table or lay it flat on the floor to create good artistic designs. You can even frame the canvas to create a beautiful wall painting or a running wall panel.
  6. The paste can also be used on paper as paint as a learning process for kids to make paintings.